My name is Óscar Garrucho, I’m from Spain and I work as an iOS contractor. I love learning. Software development is perfect for me because you can never stop learning and I enjoy learning and improving my knowledge everyday, no matter what the subject is: Objective-C, Swift, SwiftUI, Django, etc.

A friend of mine writes short stories. One sunny day, I wondered if I was able to write short stories too. It seemed funny so I decided to write about iOS development stuff. What can be more funny than that? ;-)

I decided to use GitHub Pages to host my site. That way I wouldn’t have to buy a domain and a server. But professional developers have their own domain so I bought mine too.

I have learnt a lot over the last years about iOS development so I guess this is a way to pay back to the communitty for their effort. While doing some research up on the internet, I accidentally chanced upon this simple, blog-aware, static site generator called Jekyll which works really well with GitHub Pages. I figured it would do just fine for me and I set about searching for a pretty theme. I wanted a theme with a book-ish vibe. Unfortunately, most of the themes were too modern. Finally I was able to find Tale. It’s such a really nice theme, huh?


Feel free to contact me either on Twitter or on Linkedin.

Thanks for reading!